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Notes from Our Lady's Academy

Kindergarteners Live Their Faith

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11/1/17 1:37 PM

Greetings from Ms. Kovacevich's Kindergarten class!

While students at Our Lady's Academy were preparing to begin a new school year, many schools in the south were dealing with tragedy as a result of hurricanes. Floods from Hurricane Harvey's rains (read about this record breaker) completely devastated some areas in Texas. Many teachers and students in this area lost everything, including school supplies and teaching resources. Ms. K's Kindergarten class decided to put the school's mission into action and adopted a kindergarten class in the Houston area.

The students raised over $500 to order classroom supplies for their Houston friends. These supplies included clear backpacks, crayons, glue sticks, pencils, and notebooks for all students. They also sent classroMsK Kindergarten-429382-edited.pngom supplies such as construction paper and drawing paper, learning games, and bilingual children's books. They included a small stuffed animal for every child as well. Ms. K's kindergarten class has also added their Houston friends to their prayers. What a wonderful learning opportunity this has been for these young students as they begin their learning journeys!


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