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Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic in K

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3/10/16 10:41 AM


Hello from K1! We have learned so much this year--especially these last few weeks. Over the winter we learned about Arctic animals. The children found out that animals in the Arctic have blubber to keep them warm. We used a rubber glove that was insulated with shortening (fat) to let the students see how warm the blubber kept their hands in ice water. This was a fun, hands-on approach to learning about animals from other parts of the world!

The boys and girls have been working diligently on reading and writing. They know most of their letter sounds and have started sounding out words to write sentences. The class is learning to always start their sentences with a capital letter, put spaces in between words, and use punctuation to end the sentence. We are now working on writing and illustrating our own books. Most students have chosen to write about their own personal experiences.

In math, we have been working on identifying odd and even numbers. We have started learning how to subtract using various manipulatives, especially the ten-frame chart. The students find solutions to subtraction sentences by putting dots on the charts and then taking away dots. The students really enjoy this visual approach to math! We had so much fun with the theme "Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service" during Catholic Schools Week. We celebrated our faith throughout the week. The students talked about ways they can share their faith and help others. They also shared that they knew that our school was a Catholic school because we have a church, chapel, crosses, and Father DiPerri. While we are thankful for our Catholic education every week of the year, celebrating this week served as a great reminder to our higher calling.

This past week, we learned about diversity. We read the books The Sneetches, The Big Orange Splot, and The Colors of Us. 51iKfDdWmLL._SY410_BO1204203200_-129822-edited.jpgEach student colored a rainbow that was unique to each child showing his/her hair color, eye color, what colors s/he was wearing, and his/her favorite color. We finished the unit with an experiment using brown and white eggs. The students talked about what the two different eggs looked like on the outside. After that, we cracked open the eggs to compare the insides and discussed how the eggs were similar to people. We talked about celebrating all of our differences and similarities!

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