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Notes from Our Lady's Academy

Kindergarteners Live Their Faith

Posted by Admin

11/1/17 1:37 PM

Greetings from Ms. Kovacevich's Kindergarten class!

While students at Our Lady's Academy were preparing to begin a new school year, many schools in the south were dealing with tragedy as a result of hurricanes. Floods from Hurricane Harvey's rains (read about this record breaker) completely devastated some areas in Texas. Many teachers and students in this area lost everything, including school supplies and teaching resources. Ms. K's Kindergarten class decided to put the school's mission into action and adopted a kindergarten class in the Houston area.

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Principal's Update

Posted by Chandra Minor

11/1/17 1:17 PM

So much has happened behind the scenes this year at Our Lady's Academy! After a work-filled summer, our new playground is being enjoyed by the children. The extra padding under the turf will hopefully prevent some injuries, and the layout gives the students more room to enjoy themselves.

We have great addition to our academic program this year. We are providing a Greek and Latin Roots class that is being taught in grades 6-8. Our language is based on Greek and Latin roots, and knowledge of these roots will help the students with understanding their reading; knowing these roots will increase and improve their vocabulary. Additionally, knowing these roots will prove to be an asset when taking standardized tests, including the required assessments needed for private high school acceptances.

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March for Life and 13 Things you may not know about Roe v. Wade

Posted by Admin

2/26/17 4:15 PM

The March

January 27, 2017 marked the 44th annual March for Life. This year, technology allowed the march to be streamed on Facebook, and this message of life and love received almost 2 million views and more than 33,000 shares. The March for Life began over 40 years ago to commemorate the January 22, 1973 Supreme Court decisions in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

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A Statement of the Roman Catholic Bishops of Massachusetts on the Legalization of Marijuana

Posted by Admin

10/7/16 10:54 AM

The following is the statement of the Roman Catholic Bishops in its entirety. This is regarding Question 4 on the upcoming MA November ballot. Catholics are urged to prayerfully vote their consciences in the upcoming election.

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At the Core: Learning our Faith

Posted by Admin

2/16/16 5:11 PM

Peace from the primary grades' religion classes! Each day we begin and end our lesson with prayer. The children learned about the Rosary as a prayer tool that helps us stay close to our Mother Mary and her Son Jesus. During Advent we focused on the Joyful Mysteries, and during Ordinary Time we reviewed the Luminous Mysteries. 

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Catholic Halloween?

Posted by Admin

10/31/15 2:58 PM

Guest Post

In a word...yes! While there might be some aspects of our modern-day Halloween celebrations that don't seem very Catholic, Halloween is actually rooted in Catholic tradition. A different picture emerges when we place our current "culture of death" within its original understanding of Christ's victory over death and the devil, and we take a quick look at the traditions of various Catholic cultures. Suddenly our macabre holiday can be understood in a new light. 

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