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Notes from Our Lady's Academy

High School Acceptances are in!

Posted by Chandra Minor

5/10/18 2:15 PM

A Note From the Principal, Chandra Minor

I am delighted to share with you the amazing success that our grade eight students had on being accepted to some very competitive high schools. Additionally, the students were accepted to just about every school to which they applied. The students, teachers and families should be congratulated!

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Principal's Update

Posted by Chandra Minor

11/1/17 1:17 PM

So much has happened behind the scenes this year at Our Lady's Academy! After a work-filled summer, our new playground is being enjoyed by the children. The extra padding under the turf will hopefully prevent some injuries, and the layout gives the students more room to enjoy themselves.

We have great addition to our academic program this year. We are providing a Greek and Latin Roots class that is being taught in grades 6-8. Our language is based on Greek and Latin roots, and knowledge of these roots will help the students with understanding their reading; knowing these roots will increase and improve their vocabulary. Additionally, knowing these roots will prove to be an asset when taking standardized tests, including the required assessments needed for private high school acceptances.

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Bus Routes for 2016-2017 Updated

Posted by Admin

9/5/16 1:03 PM

The updated bus routes have been posted. As with most years, there are a handful of small changes to the routes. Be sure to check start times and stops to ensure you're not surprised!
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The PTO: Enriching Education and Fostering Community Spirit

Posted by PTO

5/31/16 5:07 PM

Greetings from the PTO!

As we wrap up another successful year, the PTO would like to thank everyone who coordinated, assisted with and attended the many events throughout the past several months. You are, of course, too numerous to name individually, but without you it wouldn’t have been possible.

“What exactly is the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)?” you may ask. It is an organization, intended to include ALL Our Lady’s Academy parents and guardians, in support of the teachers’ efforts at educating our children. While our teachers and other OLA staff members are charged with meeting and exceeding their students’ educational needs, we, the PTO, work to further enhance that education through enrichment efforts that also help to foster community spirit – such as Catholic Schools Week assemblies, end of year field trips, and receptions for Kindergarten graduation and Grandparents’/Special Persons’ Day. Yes, it includes ALL OLA families. And without the help of all families, the PTO will not be able to continue providing these wonderful resources to our students and families.

Here is a sampling of the events and programs put on and supported by the PTO this academic year:

  • Back-to-school Coffee – we welcomed new and returning families on the first day of school

  • Room Parent Coordination – we lined up room parents for each class, and supported them

    throughout the year

  • Monthly Newsletter – keeping everyone “on the same page” for upcoming events on the

    calendar and recaps of the ones that have taken place

  • Halloween Party – a social event for all students and their families

  • Middle School Dances – two per year, social event for middle school students from the school

    and surrounding parishes

  • Breakfast with Santa – out largest fundraiser – contributed over $11,000 to our PTO budget in


  • Catholic Schools Week (Family Bingo, Crazy Hat Day, Real Life Board Game Assembly, Ice Cream

    Social, Movie Day, Door Decorating Contest) – a week filled with fun events celebrating the

    special nature of our school

  • Passive Fundraising – more commonly recognized as “Boxtops for Education” and other similar

    means of raising money for playground equipment and the like

  • Receptions for Grandparents’ and Special Persons’ Day, First Communion and Kindergarten

    Graduation – we provided the coordination and funding for these special events

  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon – an annual event that serves as a small token of our gratitude

    for the teachers and staff that do so much for our children (have you noticed the great picnic

    tables we were able to purchase for them this year?)

  • Restaurant Fundraising – in recent months, we’ve lined up area restaurants (or entertainment

    venues) that are willing to donate a portion of their proceeds on a given day in exchange for us

    providing a flyer and advertising to the school and parish community

  • Field Day Cookout – we provided the food and labor to feed over 400 hungry people on this fun-

    filled day

  • Eighth Grade Dinner – we fund this annual tradition for our graduates to reflect on their time at

    Our Lady’s with their parents and teachers

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It's an Exciting Time for 8th Graders

Posted by Admin

1/28/16 11:36 AM

The guidance office has been very busy, as the fall and winter is a time for our 8th grade students and their families to learn about and make decisions about where they will go to high school after they leave Our Lady's Academy. During the fall months, staff from many private and parochial schools come to visit our 8th grade classrooms and talk to our students about their schools. In some cases, the high schools bring Our Lady's Academy alumni who now attend these schools. It is a thrill for teachers and staff to see our former students coming back to talk about their new high school experiences. The schools that came to visit Our Lady's Academy this year have included:

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Letters of Thanks and Loving Kindness

Posted by Admin

1/6/16 5:13 PM

Hello from Miss Esposito, grade 1A!

We have been so busy learning and working in first grade. The school year is flying by. Here are some snapshots of what we have been learning:

In writing we have been working on writing friendly letters. We have learned that strong friendly letters include different parts: the date, greeting, the body/message, closing, and the signature. 

We also learned that strong letters tell and ask things so the recipient will want to write back. Around Thanksgiving we brainstormed ideas and questions for Mrs. Gotgart, the Our Lady's secretary. Then we individually wrote letters to Mrs. G to thank her for all of the hard work she does every day at school.

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Middle School Science

Posted by Admin

11/16/15 5:00 PM

By Mr. Peter O'Callaghan, Middle School Science teacher

The science classes have moved beyond traditional textbooks. We are now using online versions of textbooks in all of middle school. This allows students access to texts from both school and home. Assignments are posted online, and assessments are completed in class using their iPads to answer questions.

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Catholic Halloween?

Posted by Admin

10/31/15 2:58 PM

Guest Post

In a word...yes! While there might be some aspects of our modern-day Halloween celebrations that don't seem very Catholic, Halloween is actually rooted in Catholic tradition. A different picture emerges when we place our current "culture of death" within its original understanding of Christ's victory over death and the devil, and we take a quick look at the traditions of various Catholic cultures. Suddenly our macabre holiday can be understood in a new light. 

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Learning Center

Posted by Chandra Minor

10/20/15 9:15 AM

The words, "we respect the diversity of all learners," are contained in the Mission Statement of Our Lady's Academy. One of the ways we accomplish this is to actively support those students that require additional instruction presented in a way that meets their needs. Our Learning Center Specialist is specifically trained in a variety of methods to help support those students. Many students visit the Learning Center for small group or one-on-one academic support. The Learning Center Specialist may also provide direct services to students in the classroom, along with their classroom teacher.

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2nd Grade is off to a Great Start

Posted by Admin

10/4/15 6:00 PM

Greetings from Mrs. Demers, Grade 2A

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