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Notes from Our Lady's Academy

Principal's Update

Posted by Chandra Minor

11/1/17 1:17 PM

So much has happened behind the scenes this year at Our Lady's Academy! After a work-filled summer, our new playground is being enjoyed by the children. The extra padding under the turf will hopefully prevent some injuries, and the layout gives the students more room to enjoy themselves.

We have great addition to our academic program this year. We are providing a Greek and Latin Roots class that is being taught in grades 6-8. Our language is based on Greek and Latin roots, and knowledge of these roots will help the students with understanding their reading; knowing these roots will increase and improve their vocabulary. Additionally, knowing these roots will prove to be an asset when taking standardized tests, including the required assessments needed for private high school acceptances.

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3rd Grade Wraps Up the Year with Academics and Fun

Posted by Admin

6/16/16 4:08 PM

Greetings from 3A and 3B! We have been busily working on finishing up our end-of-year academics and activities. Boy, how time flies! The Fractured Fairy Tales that students just finished required them to choose their favorite classic fairy tale and fracture or change it up a bit to make it their own. A few titles we have this year from the students are Cinderninja, The Three Little Staplers and the Big Red Scissor, and GoldiSOX.

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Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic in K

Posted by Admin

3/10/16 10:41 AM


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Interdisciplinary Study in Middle School

Posted by Admin

11/29/15 8:06 PM

It is hard to believe, but the first term has already come to an end! The middle school students have been very busy this term. This year the OLA Middle School reading and social studies classes have been participating in a collaborative, interdisciplinary effort to make connections across the curriculum. 

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