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Classroom and Homework Links
At each teacher's discretion, we have listed the classroom and homework links.
If your teacher has a link that requires a password, the teacher has distributed
the ID and password to the parents.
Classroom Links
Grade PreK4: Ms. Donna
Grade TK4: Miss Kristin

Grade K1: Ms. Cirame
Grade K2: Ms. Kovacevich
Grade 1A: Miss Esposito
Grade 1B: Miss Norton
Grade 3A: Ms. Hamann
Grade 4B: Mrs. Heistand
Grade 5A: Ms. Treacy
Grade 5B: Ms. Dowd 
Gr. 6-8 History: Mr. Perry 
Gr. 6-8 Religion: Mr. Stanton
Gr. 6-8 Math: Mrs. Fothergill
Gr. 6-8 English/ELA: Ms. Gleason
Gr. 6-8 Reading/Gr. 6-7 Math: Ms. Diamantopoulos
Library: Mrs. Cavanagh

Textbook Links

Religion Series We Believe by Sadlier
We Believe
Science Textbooks (K through 6) by McGraw-Hill


Summer 2014 Reading Lists, Assignments, Supplies
Order Form for Summer Skills books (optional)
Italian Class Supply list for September 2014

Faculty & Staff 2014-2015
Pastor: Father James DiPerri
Principal: Chandra Minor
Director of Instruction: Frances Stuart
Administrative Assistant: Mary Gotgart
Business Manager: Miriam Dorovski
Pre-K3: Joanna Wippermann
Pre-K3 Support Teacher: Kiley Stewart
Pre-K4: Donna Cantera-Davis
Pre-K4 Paraprofessioal: Danielle Perotta
Transition K4: Kristin Marconi
Transition K4 Support Teacher: Maria Martin
K1: Christina Cirame
K1 Support Teacher: Jessica DiCenso
K2: Kristina Kovacevich
K2 Support Teacher: Amali Antonyraj
Grade 1B: Judy Norton
Grade 1A: Marisa Esposito
Grade 2A: Katherine Demers
Grade 2B: Christine Malone
Grade 3A: Darci Hamann
Grade 3B: Kerri Manos
Grade 4A: Amanda Cumings
Grade 4B: Kimberly Heistand (Substitute: Maryann Fitzpatrick)
Grade 5A: Sarah Treacy
Grade 5B: Jacqueline Dowd
Grade 6A: Sean Perry
Grade 6B: Peter O'Callaghan
Grade 7A: Krista Diamantopoulos
Grade 8A: Patricia (Inzeo) Fothergill
Grade 8B: Kelly Gleason
Pre-K through Grade 2 Religion Teacher: Jacqueline Ashba
Middle School Religion: Francis Stanton
Support Teacher: Deborah McGann
Librarian: Mary-Clare Cavanaugh
ESL Teacher: Mary-Clare Cavanaugh
Building Substitute/Paraprofessional: Beverley Smallwood
Spanish: Patricia Carazo (Pre-K through Gr. 8)
Italian: Alessandra Sambiase (Pre-K through Gr. 8)
Art: Christina Cammarata
Music: Elizabeth Smith
Gym: Paul Morais
Computer: Stephen Frye
Nurses: Andrea Coviello / Karen Kelley
After School Director: Jacqueline Ashba