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Students come up with idea to hold Ash Wednesday Mass to pray for Ukraine

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July 15, 2014 at 1:46 PM

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March 5, 2014, 5:21 pm

(NECN: Greg Wayland, Waltham, Mass.) – Christians at the Waltham, Mass. Catholic churches Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted and St. Mary's prayed on Ash Wednesday, specifically for world peace and what the pastor, Rev. James DiPerri, called  ”the situation in the Ukraine,” where there is turbulence and danger a continent away. 

"Because we're part of the human race, to support one another as brothers and sisters in the lord as we hope they pray for us one day should there ever be a need here in our nation,” Fr. DiPerri said.

Both Fr. DiPerri and parents says the idea for this Mass with Ukraine at the center of it began with the school children at adjacent Our Lady's Academy. 

"It was their idea. They had a Mass at nine o'clock this morning and they're having one today at noontime. It’s very important for all our prayers to go out to everyone," said Candace Medbery, a parent. 

"Because they want the gospel to come alive and they want to have their prayers that God hears and the Blessed Virgin Mary hears and all the angels and saints hear join with the heavenly host to pray for humanity and to pray for peace in the world,” Fr. DiPerri added.

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