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School Safety - Student Safety and Security is a Priority

Our Lady's Academy has partnered with the Waltham Police Dept to provide ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training to our staff and students.

Here is our current ALICE training information for staff and students. The materials are broken down into age-appropriate parts to explain the process and prepare students for understanding their role in staying safe.

ALICE K-3.png

K - 3: How I Can Stay Safer at School

Emphasis on listening to the teacher at all times.


ALICE 4-5.png

Grades 4 - 5: How I Can Stay Safer at School

A beginning understanding of the "ALICE" acronym and drills. A comparison of ALICE drills to other drills that the children are already familiar with. Continued emphasis on listening to the teacher or teachers around them.



More to come...