The Lower School curriculum is presented in a cheerful, modern, updated environment in order to enable teachers and students to perform at their very best. The faculty and students each decorate the classrooms with anchor charts that depict the lessons that have been taught and student work and projects giving students a vested interest in their classroom. Our nurturing atmosphere allows our students to feel welcome and safe. Each Lower School classroom’s furniture is arranged to allow for conversation about the lesson being taught between student to student and teacher to student. This method prepares the students for the Harkness method that is used in the Upper school (see the Upper School).

These rich conversations prepare the students to think critically and to see different views of the topics being discussed. It is not long before one hears vibrant and rich classroom conversations spilling out into the hall. Students in the Lower School move between two teachers for various subjects and while accompanied by a teacher, move to specialty teachers that teach religion, art, music, computer in the innovation Lab, gym, foreign language and STEM. After a morning of study, the students move to the cafeteria where they have a choice of a catered lunch or a lunch from home. The students also have a large outdoor space with two adjustable basketball systems alongside a play space covered with astro turf over six inches of padding for those unexpected falls.

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