Our Lady’s Difference

    Everyday, we step into classrooms full of wide eyes, hopeful hearts, and infinite imaginations. Thanks to our small class sizes and dedicated teachers and specialists, we’re able to listen and pay close attention to the small yet telling moments in the daily life of a child. Ultimately, this allows us to deliver a more personalized, faith-based education that allows each child to explore their potential, learn at their own pace, and find their true voice. By creating an environment of empathy, optimism, Catholic values and genuine joy, Our Lady’s Academy sets the stage for bright, shining futures.

    Grades 3-5 • Inspiring a spirit of independence

    Students navigate in the fun, safe environment of our lower school, children are inspired to reach higher, while always remembering to be a kind, supportive friend to all. Our small classes allow students to develop their unique voice and build the confidence they need to become their true, whole selves. They quickly become close friends with one another, as they are exposed to new experiences and challenged to solve problems together. Through individualized teaching, they gain the skills they need to become stronger learners and leaders and take on greater responsibility and more challenging work.

    Our Grade 3-5 program focuses on the development of:

    • Collaborative learning
    • Navigating diverse experiences
    •  Faithful and charitable learners
    •  Independent learning and organization skills
    •  Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    •  Integrated technology
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