Information for Parents

    2020 Student Handbook


    Bullying Report Form

    Lunch Ordering

    Parents may log into ParentsWeb and order lunch for their students. As soon as their order is submitted through ParentsWeb, it displays in FACTS SIS. If the order is changed in FACTS SIS, the change is immediately reflected on ParentsWeb.

    More info: ParentsWeb Ordering: Lunch (pdf)

    BINGO Information

    The Bingo year begins in June and runs all year, including the summer months.

    Bingo is a vital fundraiser to the school and is relied upon to provide a steady stream of income throughout the school year. We appreciate the efforts of the school community to help make this a successful and fun program for all that attend, either as a volunteer or as a patron!

    Service Hours

    Each family at Our Lady’s Academy must volunteer at least 25 service hours a year to be eligible for the service tuition discount. Of the 25 service hours, 8 hours must be directly related to marketing or fundraising activities.

    To record your service hours, you need to fill out these Service Hours Log sheets and submit them to Mrs. Minor on or before January 30 and on or before June 4. On the back of each log is an explanation of what counts as acceptable service hours.

    All families are required to participate in Bingo or may opt out for an additional fee. Bingo duties do not count towards service hours.

    All parents must fill out a CORI form every year and attend Virtus training once.

    School/Weather Closing

    In the case of inclement weather Our Lady’s Academy follows the “No School” decision of the Waltham Public Schools (if Waltham Public Schools are closed, then Our Lady’s Academy is closed; if Waltham Public Schools has a delayed opening, then the Academy has a delayed opening). Announcements are made on the major radio and television stations and their websites (WBZ, WCRB, WRKO, and Channels 4, 5, and 7) and The Waltham Cable channel. A 2-hour delayed opening means that school starts at 10 a.m. and school buses pick up students on their routes 2 hours later than normal.

    Occasionally a delayed opening may be overridden by the Principal, depending on whether the campus can safely accept students after a major storm. Families will receive notification of an override via the emergency phone system.

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