Primary Grades K-2

Our philosophy is very simple, a child’s grade does not dictate what he or she learns, it is based on the needs of the child.  If a child is ready to do more challenging and complex work in all disciplines, we focus on creating a learning environment that does fulfill that need.

Welcome to Our Lady’s Academy Primary Grades K-2 program!


A Balanced Literacy Approach is best for teaching children how to read and write. Our goal is for students to receive high quality instruction in a variety of contexts to help them develop a lifelong love of reading and writing.  Components of balanced literacy include but not limited to differentiated reading, writing, and language instruction, phonics instruction, word study, whole group experiences, such as shared reading and interactive read aloud; small group experiences, such as guided reading, and independent reading. The same instructional contexts apply to writing. Reading and Writing Workshop drive the literacy block and ensures that students are receiving instruction tailored to meet their individual needs.


We believe that building a strong mathematical foundation through hands on learning is a fundamental component for learning endeavors.  Strong foundational skills in mathematics is vitally important.  Foundational skills such as number sense, reasoning, problem solving, algebraic thinking, and geometry are extremely important. They are the foundational skills needed to become proficient in math.  As in every grade, advanced mathematic skills are taught according to the child’s mathematical development.

Social Studies:

At the primary level, learning history and social science is built on children’s experiences in their families, school, community, state, and country through nonfiction and biographical read alouds. They listen to and read folk tales and true stories from America about the people and events that have shaped our country. Social studies themes include families, community, citizenship and holidays and traditions.   As students study the themes and concepts in geography, civics, economics and history they also learn about each other’s families and about the achievements of different people in different times and places.


We believe students are born scientists. Our inquiry-based science approach fosters students’ innate curiosity and creativity allowing for exploration of the world around them through STEM activities. Our units of study focus on the core concepts in all disciplines; life, earth and space, physical science, and technology/engineering. Our curriculum provides opportunities for students to pose questions and problems, learn by doing, develop science note-booking skills as well as interacting with one another to build their scientific knowledge overtime.


Our Religious education reflects the core Catholic values in our school mission.  These values include charity, faith, service, and global stewardship.  They participate in service projects, including but not limited to, writing letters to the elderly, and collecting for the poor and needy people in our community. Students in grade two are also preparing to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion.


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