Student Support

At Our Lady’s Academy we work diligently to provide the support that is necessary to help our students to succeed to the best of their abilities.

For the child that may need additional support both in or out of the classroom, we have a specialist teacher that is specifically trained to work with children that need additional instruction.   For the students that can handle more advanced work, we have an advanced math program that allows students to be instructed either in their own classroom with the teacher differentiating instruction or to move to another classroom that suits the child’s level. Reading instruction for all children is individualized with the students reading at his or her instructional reading level.

We also have a Student support Team made up of the Principal, Director of Instruction and teachers representing a variety of grades.  The purpose of this team is to support teachers in their work with children by recommending strategies, materials, and other interventions as needed on a case-by-case basis.

Classroom teachers are available after school for 40 minutes each week to provide tutoring when needed.  Tutoring is available after school

Two registered nurses are available to support student in health training and medical needs that fall within the nurses domain.

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